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Chilli Beans Portugal is the European hub of the #1 Brazilian brand of Sunglasses, Watches and Eyeglasses. Being a fast fashion brand, Chilli Beans weekly releases limited and exclusive editions at very attractive prices. If customers like an edition but do not buy it fast, they risk missing it out.

Chilli Beans CLient Case Karma

With new trendy looks to communicate every week, Chilli Beans Portugal challenged Karma to define a digital strategy to enhance Chilli Beans brand awareness and consideration, drive customers to the points of sales and boost offline sales. To reach and engage lifestyle and fashion lovers, Karma defined and implemented a Social Media Marketing Strategy, covering both Facebook and Instagram.

Chilli Beans Client Case Karma

Combining high-impact visuals and multiple Facebook and Instagram ad formats (carrousel ads, sequence ads, local awareness ads, promotional offers, amongst many others), Karma ensures Chilli Beans brand activation, weekly reaches a large portion of its target audience and successfully drives traffic to Chilli Beans kiosks and stores. Analysing offline conversions, Karma is able to assess the effectiveness of different ads and optimize the execution of the strategy in real time and on an ongoing basis.



Facebook (PT): Chilli Beans Portugal
Online Store: Chilli Beans Europe

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