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Ford is one of the top automotive brands in Portugal. Besides new cars, Ford sells used cars in Portugal, under the brand: “Usados Ford”. These cars are returns from buyers of new cars, who in exchange receive a price discount.

Ford advertising client case Karma

With high stocks of used cars, Ford dealerships were not accepting returns and were, thus, losing out sales to competitors. Looking for innovative ways to sell used cars, Ford Portugal challenged Karma to define a digital strategy. Out of the box thinker and with a deep social media expertise, Karma recommended the launch the first Social Car Dealership. By then, Facebook was just starting to be used as an advertising platform and was far being used for ecommerce.

In Facebook, Karma created a Page to showcase the used cars in stock and started promoting new opportunities every day. To maximize results, Karma developed an algorithm to identify the “best deals”, revised the pricing strategy and fine-tuned targeting. This Social Media Strategy drove 4x more traffic to Ford’s website and led to a 160% increase in sales in the first year. In 2 years, the Social Stand attained 1 million euros in sales.



Facebook Page(PT): Oportunidades Ford

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