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Registered users in 3 years


Registered providers in 2 months

More than 100k registered users in 3 years

Zaask is an online platform to hire local service professionals. As a start-up company, one of the biggest challenges Zaask had to overcome was to create brand awareness and position itself as the first option in consumers’ minds to recruit professional services for such different needs as house building or cleaning services. Due to the easy scalability of its business to the international market, more than creating a strong database of service providers and customers in Portugal, Zaask challenged Karma to help them in the process to expand to the Spanish market.

Besides being Zaask’s digital consultant, Karma worked closely with Zaask as business partners, making their growth objectives our own working goals. Readjusting their business model to achieve profitability and finding cost-effective channels to acquire services providers and consumers was an important part of the scope of the collaboration.

A big part of the success of our work together was related to the transparency and trust between both parts that allowed Karma to have a 360º view of Zaask’s business and thus, easily adjust marketing investment to meet business objectives.

Managing hundreds of different campaigns, in different marketing platforms and different languages, on a daily basis was a real challenge but allowed Zaask to have more than 100k registered users in 3 years and have a well established presence in Spain with more than 3,5k registered providers on the first 2 months of activity.



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