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Increase in conversion rate


Increase in global online sales


Increase in the number of sessions

Zilian is a portuguese shoes brand that combines comfort with sophistication and a vision based on a variety of styles and a strong fashion approach at an affordable price. The brand was founded in 2008 and is currently present in Portugal and Spain working on international expansion opportunities.

Aiming to grow beyond their brick and mortar locations and establish itself as a global Iberian brand, Zilian challenged Karma to develop a digital strategy to leverage the business, both online and offline. The main challenge was to boost sales through the digital channel while maintaining a positive ROI.

Karma implemented a new ecommerce platform for Zilian using Shopify technology to improve the brand and product’s perceived value and optimize UX/UI towards conversion, which resulted in a 66% increase in conversion rate indirect brand searches. The new platform also made back-office operations more agile and allowed for better insights into the customer shopping behaviour and its pain points.

Additionally, Karma executed digital marketing campaigns on relevant channels (Google Search, Google Display, Facebook and Google Shopping) which boosted Zilian’s digital reach and resulted in a 50% increase in the number of sessions on the website. Karma worked on both the different stages of the sales funnel: brand awareness, consideration and conversion and helped redefine the brand and product value proposition to match customers’ online shopping behaviour and interaction context, optimizing them to maximize consideration and sales. 

The communication strategy was based on product profitability with smart bidding and being optimized for a CPA target in line with the margins of each product. This along with the new website contributed to a 43% increase in global online sales during the first year of the project.



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