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Digital Corporate Training

Full Scope Programs

Ideal for businesses looking for comprehensive trainings. Our full-scope courses cover a little bit of everything, from the strategic to the practical implementation of tools.

Fast Track Data & Analytics

Highly practical and hands-on, this two-day Fast Track Data & Analytics training course will provide a complete overview of essential analytics disciplines. Ideal for beginners or intermediate Analytics Specialists seeking to gain solid footing on the subject.

Content: Intro to Data & Analytics; Google Analytics; Google Data Studio

Level: Intro / Intermediate
Duration: 2 days
Minimum: 10 people

Fast Track Digital Advertising

Hands-on and comprehensive, this two-day Fast Track Digital Advertising course will provide a complete overview of its essentials, while allowing you the opportunity to address your most pressing questions.

Content: Intro to Advertising; Google Ads; Facebook Ads; Search Engine Optimization

Level: Intro / Intermediate
Duration: 2 days
Minimum: 10 people

Advanced Digital Strategy

Ideal for c-level and directors looking to understand dynamics in Digital Business, Marketing and Strategy. The focus of this course is on learning the latest and most sophisticated practices, solidifying a customized medium-to-long-term vision, and re-framing digital as business-centric.

Content: Intro to Digital Strategy; Digital Business Strategy; Digital Marketing Strategy; New Ways of Working

Level: Advanced
Duration: 3 days
Maximum: 10 people

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