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One of the most important advantages of this digital era is the ability to track almost all online interactions with our business. For that to happen it is crucial to setup all the Analytics correctly to collect the important information for your business. Due to the vast existing options in the market to perform this data collection and its associated opportunity costs, choosing the right one might be a tricky task. Our team has a wide experience in different analytics from Google Analytics to Mixpanel among others. However, Google offers a full-stack of services that work seamlessly between them and, with the proper setup, can drive businesses to the next level. With the whole team certified on Google products we are able to ensure you the best of the following services:

Google Analytics Audits

Google Analytics is the most used Analytics but having it implemented on your website is not enough. It is important to Audit your account to make sure you are collecting meaningful and actionable data to generate valuable insights for your business.

Google Tag Manager Implementation

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is one of our favourite products from Google. This versatile product not only simplifies any implementation but also speeds it up. Almost any complex implementation that previously could take weeks to implement can be done instantly. GTM’s container allows you to implement hundreds of tags besides the usual Google tags and, if those are not enough, implement your custom snippets.

Google Analytics Implementation

Google Analytics needs to be implemented flawlessly to be able to collect the correct data for future analysis. We implement it even in the most complex digital environments so you don’t jeopardize your valuable digital assets and add the insights to your business.

Google Analytics Configuration

Besides implementation, Google Analytics configuration also requires vast expertise. Only with the right configuration, you are able to look to the data that matters to your business. Setting up micro-goals or create specific segments are only two of the hundreds of details there are in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Training

It is important to know what kind of information you are looking at and how valuable that is to your business. Bearing that in mind, we provide our clients with specific training sessions so they have the required know-how to look for the most valuable information for their business on Google Analytics.

Dashboarding and Visualization

Dashboards with the most relevant Analytics information and insights for the clients’ businesses are provided in the most visual way. Making sense of all information available on Google Analytics is not easy and generating insights, even less. Therefore, we drive our clients through intuitive visual graphics of their data to better understand the insights.

More relevant than collecting data points about your business is what you do with that data and how you turn it into valuable action points to improve your ROI. Besides assuring the correct implementation and setup of the right analytics, at Karma we help you to pull the right insights from the information you have.

How can we help you?

  • Select the correct analytics options for your business
  • Implement and Setup the different analytics platforms to collect the most valuable data
  • Assess the existing interactions and users’ behaviours and mix it with empiric knowledge
  • Produce valuable insights from your business to back up an action plan to enhance your digital operations

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