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Ecommerce Store Set-Up

Selling online is now standard and companies are focusing efforts into reaching its customers anytime, anywhere – making their products easily available and upgrading overall customer experience as much as possible.

Whether you have a fully established ecommerce store and are considering migrating it into a more sophisticated and flexible platform or are planning on growing your business with this channel, Karma can help you set up your new store with Shopify – one of the world’s top hosted ecommerce solutions, working with more than 1.000.000 businesses (and counting).

Karma Shopify Partner

For us, there are 10 top dimensions why using Shopify technology is the most suitable solution in the market for your business:


Site speed is critical to achieve results and improve customer experience. With Shopify, you can access several operational and functional capabilities, alongside with its CDNs to guarantee your website loads fast – lazy loading features, image compression, ability to easily implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and so much more.

Conversion focus

Shopify technology includes multiple native features and extensions to increase conversion rates – like sticky add to cart tools, as well as several abandoned cart and checkout tactics to maximize revenue capture from highly qualified audiences.

Express checkout

Provide your customers the ability to buy an item in no more than 2 clicks. With Shopify you can easily shortcut customer, shipping and payment information – implementing features like social sign in and worldwide payment gateways such as Apple and Google pay.

Manage multiple channels in one place

From activating and managing Social Media sales channels like Facebook, Instagram and Messenger directly in a single dashboard to aggregating both online and offline sales with its own POS technology, Shopify will allow you to integrate all sales channels into one single platform, maximizing operational effectiveness.


With an assortment of thousands of optimized themes that can be fully customizable and tailored according to your business goals, it becomes quite easy to build an up-to-date interface and provide a seamless experience.


Your website’s look and feel can change in a matter of hours – there are no limits when it comes to front and back-end adjustments to add new features or perform more complex structural changes.

Easy to scale

As your business scales up, so does your Shopify plan. And migrating into an advanced solution, like Shopify Plus, as soon as your sales volume significantly increases is a smooth process too.

Easy to monitor

Since Shopify is a hosted solution, issues related to security, certificates, availability and technological advancements are all covered by your license, no matter the plan you have.


Structural similarities between Shopify websites are setting the standard for the online customer journey – turning the overall experience easier and more familiar and consequently, reducing barriers to convert.


Shopify websites easily integrate with several marketing automation and advertising tools – Email Marketing, Facebook and Google Product Feeds, SEO, Microdata, among many others.

As Shopify Partners, we are constantly developing our expert skills when it comes to new product features and launches, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to help our customers achieve their ecommerce goals. Are you ready to take this journey with us?

Here are selected examples of Shopify ecommerce store setup projects we have developed:

Chilli Beans

Chilli Beans’ goal was to enter the European market without taking high upfront infrastructure investments. By partnering with Karma, the brand was able to create initial awareness, test sales in selected countries and further adjust its main value propositions within a short period of time – extracting maximum value from Shopify technology.


Aiming to successfully position the brand in the market and increase its online sales, Karma has developed a new ecommerce platform for Zilian using Shopify technology to improve UX/UI towards conversion and turn operations more agile – which resulted in a 66% increase in conversion rate referring to direct brand search which contributed to a 43% increase in online sales during the first year of the project.

A Praça

Karma helped A Praça to kick off its business using 100% digital channels after seeing its physical store opening delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Partnering with the brand, we have developed a biological and organic online supermarket with an assortment of over 700 products from different local producers around Portugal and abroad in just eight weeks. – and here too, making use our Shopify implementation and management expertise.