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Ecommerce Store Set-Up and Strategy

A solid ecommerce strategy is key to leverage the full potential of online sales and use this channel to continuously grow your business. Selling online is now standard and companies are focusing efforts into reaching its customers anytime, anywhere, making their products easily available and upgrading the overall customer experience. Whether you have a fully established ecommerce store, or are considering growing your business with this channel, it is important to make sure you have a great plan in hand that encompasses both strategy, store setup and ecommerce management.

How can we help you?

  • Define an ecommerce strategy tailored to your business and current challenges
  • Perform a detailed benchmarking of key industry players
  • Conduct a high level assessment of all business processes inherent to digital sales
  • Define key functional website pillars
  • Implement and build your ecommerce store from A to Z
  • Closely monitor and provide maintenance support after your store is launched

Some ecommerce projects we have developed with our clients include:

Chilli Beans

Chilli Beans’ goal was to enter the European market without taking high upfront infrastructure investments. By partnering with Karma, the brand was able to create initial awareness, test sales in selected countries and further adjust its main value propositions within a short period of time – extracting maximum value from Shopify Technology.


We partnered with TemaHome to assist them in a 360º Digital Business Transformation. By developing a consistent digital strategy, mapping new channels, designing, building and operating a totally new ecommerce website alongside an optimized digital marketing strategy, we witnessed a 400% increase in online sales.

Associação Nacional das Farmácias (ANF)

Karma designed and managed the implementation of the ecommerce and mobile app solutions for the brand – enabling ANF to achieve 4 times more website traffic and 5 times more app monthly active users. 


Aiming to successfully position the brand in the market and increase its online sales, Karma has developed a new ecommerce platform for Zilian using Shopify Technology to improve UX/UI towards conversion and turn operations more agile – which resulted in a 43% increase in online sales by  the of the first year. 

A Praça

Karma helped A Praça to kick off its business using 100% digital channels after seeing its physical store opening delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Partnering with the brand, we have developed a biological and organic online supermarket with an assortment of over 700 products from different local producers around Portugal and abroad in just eight weeks. – and here too, making use our Shopify implementation and management expertise.

As Shopify Partners, we are constantly developing our expert skills when it comes to new product features and launches, allowing us to provide up to date solutions to help our customers achieve their ecommerce goals when they want it and most importantly, when they need it.

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