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Corporate Digital Training

Why should you train your talent in digital?

Companies that use digital technologies to innovate and transform the way they operate, have increased their productivity and profit margins by two to three times over their competitors.

At Karma, we believe the key to fully tap into the potential of digital lies in talent – the ultimate arbiter of innovation, growth and impact.

And since there’s not enough native digital talent to go around for everyone, we believe future great companies need to do two things:

  1. Specialize
    Build and train high performance digital teams with experts.
  2. Democratize
    Teach everyone why digital matters, from a business-centric point of view, how to think about it and contemplate it in their day-to-day work.

Not everyone needs to be an expert in digital. But everyone, from the owner to the end customer, wins if the experts get even better and the beginners learn new skills.

That’s why we’ve decided to take our 10 years of digital experience with blue-chip companies and dynamic startups, and our signature “strategy + tactics” approach to build our own enterprise-grade digital training service.

What is enterprise-grade digital training?

Designed to help businesses take their teams to the next level, our enterprise-grade digital training is the sum of three concepts: in-depth know-how + adaptive training + application in corporate business environments.

We work with teams across all organizational levels and train both experts (i.e. up-skilling: deepening existing skills) and beginners (i.e. re-skilling: teaching new skills).

Our training covers:

  • Fundamental and advanced technical skills, across multiple technologies;
  • How to understand and frame digital as business-centric ;
  • How to solve complex problems in highly technical digital environments; 
  • How to manage large investments and enterprise-level budgets;
  • How to develop performance based strategies using practical insights;
  • Why strategy must come before tactics.

Why is Karma the best partner for your digital training?

We could tell you that we’re is a leading independent digital execution agency that combines two approaches: digital agency and strategy consulting. We could also tell you that we’ve spent the last 10 years designing and implementing digital strategies that create extraordinary value for our clients.

But, as the British say: “the proof is in the pudding”. So here are the 2 most common things our partners and clients have to say about us:

  1. We’re Proficient
    Our success hangs on achieving concrete and measurable results for our clients. That’s why we spend a lot of time and money mastering all kinds of tools and technologies. This high level of expertise and proficiency deeply defines our work.
  2. We’re Practitioners
    At KARMA, we believe that experience is the great differentiation. So we take great pleasure in preaching what we practice. All our trainers are practitioners who teach from experience in the real world.

What type of teams do we work with?

We work with and train teams on all organizational levels.

Strategic Leadership

Digital Business & Marketing Strategy for C-Level and Directors who want to know how to design a holistic strategy for full-scale business and organizational impact.

Digital Teams

Advanced Digital Training to up-skill and accelerate the learning process and expertise of fully digital teams.

Functional Teams

Fundamental Digital Training to re-skill non-digital teams and expand the transfer of digital knowledge across the organization.

What type of training do we offer?

Single courses

Our training team

Our team of trainers consists of experts with deep technical knowledge and background in digital consultancy, strategic planning and executive training.

Always in great company

Here are some of our clients:

Our credentials and partnerships

Questions we’re frequently asked

What is enterprise-grade training?

An enterprise-grade training has high standards, detailed criteria and in-depth knowledge. Regardless of the subject, it covers both strategy and tactics, allowing teams to both retain and successfully apply what they learn in an corporate business environment.

Why should I upskill my team in digital?

If you agree that digital can be extremely powerful and unlock tremendous potential for your business, welcome to the club. Now the question becomes, how do we tap into this potential? We believe that’s by having talented people working with you. Simple.

But since there’s not enough supply for all the demand for this particular kind of talent, hiring won’t fully meet your needs and outsourcing is too hands off. So our belief is that the smartest and most sustainable move is to up-skill (add expertise) and re-skill (teaching new skills) your existing talent.

This will solve the gap in both deep digital knowledge (experts) and a holistic, full-stack approach to digital in your business environment.

We go deeper into this, here.

What type of training does Karma offer?

We have an expanding offer of courses, programs and tailored trainings. But here’s a quick a preview that encompasses both fundamental and advanced training:

  • Digital Strategy & Planning;
  • Advertising Platforms (e.g. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn);
  • Data & Analytics (e.g. Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Big Query);
  • Marketing Technologies (e.g. SA 360, DV 360);
  • Optimization (e.g. SEO, Google Optimize, CRO Techniques, Marketing Automation).

What type of teams does Karma work with?

We work with teams from all organizational levels, and our training is designed and adaptable to different audiences. Being it a) Leadership, b) fully digital teams or c) cross-operational teams, we have you covered.

Is the training virtual or in-person?

We’re able to deliver our training both virtually and in-person, adapting to the situation and needs of our clients. When it comes to longer, tailored training we also consider mixing both formats for a more comprehensive experience.

What is included in Karma’s training?

Features vary from product to product, but here’s what we guarantee across the board, in every single course, program or tailored training:

  • Training delivered by an expert;
  • Minimal to High customization, depending on the collaboration;
  • Pre and post-training materials for all attendees;
  • Post-training help-desk for teams to follow up and get support.

Would you like to learn more?

We’re here to add value. Get in touch and let’s take it from there.

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