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Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

What is the Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

The new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) was recently launched and it is expected to replace the current version of Universal Analytics in a matter of years. GA4 is based on cookieless tracking, to better address GDPR issues, and brings many enhanced features such as integration with BigQuery and advanced reporting, previously only available for Google Analytics 360 users. Google Analytics’ cross-device tracking and attribution were also strengthened in GA4.

Why set up Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible?

Summary Board Google Analytics 4
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  • The current 3rd party cookies-based tracking system will be deprecated as Chrome will block 3rd party cookies before 2022 which means sessions will no longer be tracked and there’ll be no data being collected to Google Analytics unless you change to Google Analytics 4 advanced user tracking system.
  • Universal Analytics version will no longer be the focus for new feature development – Google Analytics 4 will fully replace the current version once enough data is gathered in the new property, and since there’s already a relevant difference between versions, this gap will tend to increase with future GA4 updates.
  • Universal Analytics historical data cannot be migrated to the new Google Analytics 4 properties. So, ensuring the dual-tracking is set to start now will enable you to start leveraging the full power of GA4 enhanced features as soon as you gather a critical mass.
  • Cross-device and cross-asset tracking limitations are surpassed in Google Analytics 4 due to the power of Google’s AI modeling non-tracked sessions and unifying same-user sessions across all devices and assets in a single view of the user’s experience.
  • Sampling limitations were expanded in Google Analytics 4 and are focused on reporting (e.g. one million events per day when exporting data to BigQuery) which is highly relevant for accounts already over the Universal Analytics version limit of 10 million hits per month.
  • Access to premium features, previously only available for Google Analytics 360 users, like integration with BigQuery, access to predictive reporting through Analysis Hub (e.g. churn probability analysis), deeper integrations with Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform, cross-device user journeys, etc.  
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How can Karma help?

Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Karma can help you set up the dual-tracking to make sure you maximize historical data when you decide to fully migrate to the most advanced Google Analytics version, GA4. Karma can also help you implement and leverage GA4’s enhanced features, such as the integration with BigQuery, advanced reporting in the Analysis Hub, user tracking in a cookieless environment, cross-device tracking, and offline tracking and attribution.

  • Implementing a dual-tagging system to start gathering data to the GA4 property;
  • Setting-up User ID and Google ID tracking;
  • Exploring the new and enhanced features of Google Analytics 4;
  • Configuring the new GA4 AI-based user tracking consent model;
  • Exploring the new capabilities for cross-device tracking and analysis.

We have a team of dedicated and certified Google Analytics consultants, with experience in implementing Google Analytics 4 in our clients, so we can help you ensure a robust dual-tracking and, later, understand how to capture the maximum potential of these new features.

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Karma is a Google Premier Partner

Google Premier Partner

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