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Google Analytics

One of the most important advantages of this digital era is the ability to track online interactions with your business at a granular level and with context in order to optimize our online and even offline execution based on it. For that to happen it is crucial to set up all the Analytics tracking correctly to collect the most relevant information. 

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that provides an in-depth view of your website and/or app performance. It can be configured exactly according to your information needs and business goals, being it to sell online or to generate leads for offline conversion. Beyond its measurement capabilities, it also enables you to activate all this collected data through its native integration with Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads.

Why is Google Analytics critical for your business?

  • Accurately attribute revenue to marketing efforts –  This data can, for example, help you determine which advertising campaign is performing well, and which one you’re wasting money on according to revenue generated (not based on communication metrics).
  • Access deep audience insights – It’s essential to understand who your customers are, how they behave, where they are coming from, their preferences, etc. to optimize marketing efforts and your offer based on this data.
  • Optimize on-site conversion rate – Knowing what visitors are doing on-site, how they interact with it, and analyze it, will help you understand how to better improve user experience in order to maximize sales and marketing performance.
  • Seamless data activation through Google Advertising Platforms – Native integration with Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform allows you to optimize campaign performance based on the data collected, namely by feeding Google’s AI algorithms to create smart re-marketing and similar audiences and automate bidding.

Get to know the new recently launched Google Analytics 4 and why it’s both important and urgent to implement it as soon as possible.

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How can Karma help?

We have a dedicated team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers with a wide and deep experience in Google Analytics implementations, for multiple business challenges, in different digital assets, and with complex organizational environments. Our team is certified on Google Analytics products so we are able to ensure the best of the following services:

  • Google Analytics Audits
    We audit Google Analytics accounts to ensure they are implemented correctly, accurately collecting meaningful and actionable data, and check and fix incorrect previous implementations that can be detrimental in the long run.

    Common Analytics issues encountered:
    – Personal Identifiable Information in URLs
    – Enhanced Ecommerce tracking not implemented
    – Google Search Console and Google Ads not connected to Google Analytics
    – Demographic data collection disabled
    – Misconfigured funnels 
    – Attribution problems related to Social Logins / Self Referrals / Single Page Application
    – Inexistence of custom dimensions / metrics
    – No qualified audiences created
    – Polluted data (no lower case filters; no removal of query parameters, etc)
  • Google Analytics Implementation with Google Tag Manager (Standard & Custom configurations)
    Google Analytics needs to be implemented flawlessly to be able to collect the correct data for future analysis. We implement it even in the most complex digital environments so that you are able to access detailed data. From setting up events, goals and audiences to leveraging more advanced features, such as User ID tracking, Enhanced Ecommerce, Cross Domain Tracking, Single Page Applications tracking, and more.
  • Google Analytics Training
    We provide specific training sessions so you and your team have the required know-how to look for the most valuable information in Google Analytics. We also provide training in Google Tag Manager if you want to increase your team’s knowledge in more advanced analytics implementations.
  • Google Analytics 4 Implementation
    We can also help you implement the dual-tagging needed to access the new Google Analytics 4 and start leveraging the full power of Google Analytics.
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